*Secret Velociraptor album cover art- Final


Preview 2 songs on The Vampire Cloud Formation’s original motion picture soundtrack album, Secret Velociraptor.

About Secret Velociraptor: “Little is known about Czech director Gustav Adalwolf’s “lost” 1981 sci-fi film, Secret Velociraptor. Even less is known about Grave-Synth duo, Vampire Cloud Formation, who composed the film’s soundtrack. Falešný Int’l Pictures, issued a press release stating that they will be re-issuing the 33 year old album, along with a rare, unpublished movie tie-in comic and is slated for a July 2015 release.”

Bonus: Here’s a Secret V Facebook banner, in case you’d like to put it up on your page and help us promote Secret Velociraptor!

-Jeaux Janovsky